So, why should you choose Bee Squared Publishing above the myriad of self-publishing choices? 

While other companies charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help you publish your book, you are still basically on your own.  All of your work is now under the control of someone else and you pay them to do so. Not at B2P. 

Our packages are designed to provide you control and the level of personal service you deserve without emptying your wallet. Our packages include many services for which other self-publishing firms charge extra.

Plus, you will have a personal publishing consultant whose sole role is to help you, NOT TO SELL you extra services.

Our most popular packages are designed to provide you with the books necessary to show a RETURN on your investment right away.

How can this be?  Here's the simple answer ...

The cost of each package is equal to the retail price of the books included*.

The average business book sells for $20. The Editor Package includes 15 books. If you sell each for $20, you have made back the $299 you invested.

Plus, any books you buy above and beyond the included books are deeply discounted. Compare this with the self-publishing companies out there and you'll see we are alone.

*Based on $20 per book retail price. Lower priced books will require additional sales to cover initial cost.